About us

About Us

M/s Karun Constructions is a civil engineering construction firm located in R.T. Nagar, Bangalore. Our firm aims to deliver superior value to all stakeholders through imaginative spaces created out of deep customer focus and insight. We have been in the industry for last 18 years.

    Karun Constructions is the brainchild of our founding partners:-

  • Mr. K. Karunakar &

  • Mr.Chandrashekar D.S.

Our Team

We have got expertise in Industrial, Commercial & Residential bungalow projects. Through the best quality & workmanship at reasonable rates we have obtained the best satisfaction from our clients.

    We have a team of dedicated technical staff consisting of Site engineers , site supervisors & teams of skilled workers.

  • Project Manager : Mr.Manjunath.J.M

  • Structural consultants:Mr Ashok & Mr Deshpande

  • Architects:TDF & Mr Bhavani shankar

      • Site Engineers:-

      • Santosh BE,Civil.

      • Niralamb Hegde,BE Civil,

      • Suresh.Dip in Civil

      Our Goal

        Our expertise in Project management and construction of:-

      • Commercial buildings

      • Industrial buildings

      • Residential buildings

      • Commercial Interior decoration

Our Team Karun Constructions

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Why we are best

Build a brand name which is derived from quality & affordability.

Construction companies build and remodel some of the most iconic, beautiful and most meaningful buildings, parks, bridges, hotels, yadda yadda yadda. Think about the house or apartment you live in was built by a construction company.

Expert Engineers

Evaluate all documentation and evidence.

Prior to providing conclusions, thoroughly determine all technical issues.

Advice must be balanced and independent as the Expert.


Customer Support

With the right customer service plan in place, construction companies are able to build long lasting relationships with their customers and clients.

Both residential and commercial construction companies are doing all they can to make their clients and customers happy.


Delivery On time

There are many approaches to achieve successful project design and construction.

The selection of a delivery method will in turn influence the team composition, schedule, budget, and management plans to be followed throughout the process.


Our team

We have a team of dedicated technical staff consisting of Site engineers , site supervisors & teams of skilled workers.


Project Manager

Mr.Ashok & Mr Deshpande

Structural consultants

TDF & Mr Bhavani shankar


Santosh BE,Civil

Site Engineers